LIKE Romania 2023

LIKE Romania 2023
Танцы: Кизомба
Начало: 2023-11-10 20:00
Окончание: 2023-11-13 05:00
Мероприятие: Фестиваль, Уроки, Вечеринка
Bd. Av. Alexandru Șerbănescu nr. 87, sect. 1

LIKE Romania has for sure gotten a place in many people hearts after the 1st Edition.
Romanian welcoming is an experience hard to resist, therefore we are very excited to announce the 2nd edition of LIKE ROMANIA festival!

DATE: 10.11.2023 - 13.11.2023

Phoenicia Grand Hotel ★★★★

That's right we gave the next step in this Journey by moving to this beautiful and Luxurious Hotel.

Teachers Line up:
Paulo & Lanna
João & Giedre
Adda Dociu
Stephane & Ana Maria
Tabanka & Sara

Djs Line up:
Dj Sabura
Dj Supaman
Dj Rock
More to confirm (but please don't write us asking to Dj, we have our own choices already aligned :D thank you)

Single Full Pass*
End of April 85€
End of May 90€
End of June 95€
End of July 100€
End of Aug 105€
End of Sep 110€
End of Nov 3rd 115€
At the Door 125€

Couple Pass* (M/F):
End of April 160€
End of May 160€
End of June 170€
End of July 180€
End of Aug 190€
End of Sep 200€
End of Nov 3rd 210€


2 Hotel Nights + Full Pass: 180€
3 Hotel Nights + Full Pass: 220€

This is a special price for the 1st 30 packages. Next Price 240€

Price is per person based on Double Occupancy including Breakfast

For single occupancy write us on

*Full Pass Includes All Workshops, Afternoon social dance and night parties from 10th - 12th Nov.

Party Pass**:
In advance 65€
At the door 75€

Couple Pass**:
In advance 120€

**Party Pass Includes 1 Workshop before the night Party, Afternoon social dance and night parties from 10th - 12th Nov.

Reserve via email:
Full name & gender required for the registration.

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